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Aloha fellas! I bet your wondering what it’s like to be in my company. Well here is where you can read what how others felt with me. For the full juicy details click the source link to read it on the review boards. So enjoy and I hope we can make our own memories soon. Remember now.... “don’t be shy, just try” You can also see up to date reviews here on my PD profile

gem of waikiki
Sep 13, 2017
General Details Jenna is very easy to get a hold of communication with this girl is great. Her place is easy to find. Got to her place and was greeted by her in her sexy underwear. The Juicy Details Greeted me at the door very cutie with a awesome body and a ass that is ridiculous. Started with her ******************. Cleaned up and chatted for a bit diffently will repeat, hidden gem of waikiki.
Aug 25, 2017
General Details Was nice meeting someone out of Waikiki. Don't have to worry that much about cops. Greeted me wearing only sexy underwear. Was very cheery and touching the whole time. Doesn't look like a pornstar but still had a good time
comfortable in her skin
Aug 15, 2017
General Details Jenna was easy to contact and made arrangements for early evening. She arrived at my room dressed in jean and a nice sweater top. she looked classy yet sexy. The Juicy Details we started off sharing a bottle of wine on the sofa. She is really cool to talk to. Then she bagan***** . She is very comfortable in her skin and a bit understated******After we cleaned up she stuck around to finish her glass of wine. ill definitely see her again when the need arises. knowing she is just a phone call away and i exoect that to be real soon.
warm and genuine
Jul 12, 2017
General Details First thing, for those who care: Jenna is a true local girl. You can instantly tell that she was raised on the island. Second thing, for those who care: Jenna is an older provider. Third thing, Jenna is super warm and genuine. You can tell she has a big heart and there's something very endearing about her. For guys who're just starting out and are battling nerves, Jenna would be a great provider to see. She's down-to-earth and has a way that can make you feel comfortable. The Juicy Details Jenna greeted me with a very nice, long hug. The first thing I told her was that this was my second time seeing a provider and that I was dealing with the emotional aftermath of a bad breakup. Jenna's response was amazing. She motioned for me to join her on the bed and intently listened to me while I explained the circumstances. She talked when I needed her too and she listened when I needed her too.***** Massive credit for not quitting. We started with a very nice, long hug. We ended with a very nice, long hug.